Liaoyang Brigh Shine Pharmaceutical Machinery

Name: JZJ-40 tablet wrapping machine 

it will used for packing big tablets or effervescent tablet or sugar tablet in one row with paper or aluminum material.


Introduction: JZJ-40 wrapping paper machine, it will used for packing big tablets in one row with paper or aluminum material. This machine adopts by step-less motor control, servo-motor send paper by PLC control completely and action stable, easy to operate and maintain. It will adopt by SUS304 (or SS316L) contact with tablet meet with GMP certified standards.

Main made of material : table plate and frame is made of steel also baking paint, tablet cover is made of SUS304, other parts adopt by alloy-steel Sand Blasting, superior SUS304, it is SUS304 or 316 contact with tablet product.

2. component parts and function :

2.1 Feeding Vibrating : put the tablets into tablet hoppers by manual, it will feed tablets into sorting devicethis feeding vibration and sorting device automatically. When tablet is over that will stop send tablet, otherwise will send tablet.

2.2 Tablet sorting parts. It will make no-sorting tablet arrange well according to good direction and design quantity

2.3 Send wrap-roll paper parts: it is control by Servo-motor according to design length and send wrap-roll paper and cutting .

2.4 Wrapping material parts: when it has check tablet and wrapping paper that will wrapping tablet finish automatically

2.5 Tablet-roll conveyor channel: finish wrapping tablet through conveyor channel into  BSP40A filling tube machine or collection  

2.6 Electric control parts: this machine running process by PLC control. It will carry out automatically, when lack packing product, it will alarm and stop machine automatically

3.Technical data:



Power :


Feeding capacity :

10-20 tablets/roll

Tablet diameter


Tablet thickness



40 rolls/minute

Supporting facilities

purified compressed air whose pressure and   consumption are 0.5~0.6MPa and 0.2m3/minute respectively.                       

Compressed air by customer supply

Dust collector by customer supply

Inlet diameter is 38mm

External dimensions


Weight: about