Liaoyang Brigh Shine Pharmaceutical Machinery

Name: BAGF Automatic gravity filling machine 

It is pharmaceutical,foodstuff, pesticide,chemical gravity filing  



AGF automatic gravity liquid filling machine adopt logic controller PLC, 6± LCD touch screen system, ordinary pressure flow passage parameters, set the flowing time to control different quantify. It applys to pharmaceutical, foodstuff,pesticide, chemical, etc.


● Man-machine English-Chinase interface,intelligent contact screen,human design,easy operation.
● Imported filling valve,avoiding drop leaking,accurate filling quantity.
● Program logic conrroller(PLC),easy for changing size or modifying parameters.
● Pneumatic elements are all imported,stability and reliability.
● Accurate liquid sensing, automatically adding liquid, ordinary pressure flow passage parameters.
● Solely and specially-designed whole lifting device, easy governing to meet the needs of all kinds of container packing.
● Pholo-electric sensing and pneumatic linking control, automatic protection for shortage of bottles.
● Pneumatic cxecutive conirol valve. high efficiency and safety. Each flow pazsage can be separately governed and cleaned.
● Close positioning design, easy governing,suitable for packing of all sizes of bottles.
● The whole machine is designed according to requirements of GMP.

 Main technical data:

Filling nozzles8121620
Filling range50-5000ml50-1000ml
Filling speed(100ml)bpm40-6060-8070-9080-100
Filling precision20-1000ml:≤±12% 1000-5000ml:≤±1%
Air pressure range0.4-0.6MPa
Power supply220V 50/60Hz
Power consumption0.5Kw0.5Kw0.75Kw0.75Kw
Single machine noise≤50dB
Net weight500Kg600Kg700Kg800Kg
Overall dimension(mm)1800*800*25002000*800*25002200*800*25002400*1200*2500