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Name: AFS-2 Ampoule filling sealing machine (2 filling head) 

It is use for difference volume and difference shape ampoule filling and sealing 


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Performance and summary

Apply sample trial and mass production in pharmaceutical industry, ampoule filling and sealing in the condition of sterile.

The machine is two position stepping transmission system, a group of two ampoules enter each position each time, complete send bottle separately, filling nitrogen before, filling liquid, filling nitrogen afterwards and pre-heating, sealing etc process.

The machine was used in Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals and Cosmetics industry.

Technical parameter:

Ampoule  specification

1ml ,2ml,5ml ,10ml,20ml


2200-4200 pcs/h


304   stainless steel

Total  power


Sealing(fuel)  gas

city coal gas, water gasor acetylene , PLG