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Name: ZS-3 Suppository Liquid Bottle Forming Filling Sealing Machine 

it is suppository making shell forming,,filling, condensation and sealing cutting machine line 



Our company digested and absorbed abroad advanced technology and bond internal suppository producing practice to manufacture and develop this produce that is machine-electricity and gas united new produce. 

The machine is made up of four parts:

1、Suppository belt system;

2、Suppository filling machine

3、Suppository cooling machine

4Suppository sealing machine.

 ZS-3 Fully Automatic Suppositories Filling and Sealing Machine can automatically Complete make the shell , filling , cooling forming, sealing all the processes. The machine

by the PLC control,industrial human-machine interface operation, high degree of automation.Because of its functions, the capacity is high, take small area. Special apply

for the restrictions area and be used for the hospital is not high yield preparation room and small pharmaceutical companies.

Technical data: 

1.output:6000-8000 granules/h

2. Dosage per suppository cell :0.5-5g per suppository cell

3. Allowable Error of granular weight: ±2%

4. Shape of suppository : bullet formtorpedo form

5. Center distance17.4mm

6. The number of filling mould3 pcs.

7. The specification of packing material: height:56, 58mm thickness:1.14±0.01mm

8. Volume of storing fluid vessel: 50L

9. height of feeding : 2000mm

10. Power voltage: three- phases AC 380V

11. Total power:9KW

12. Air pressure0.55-0.65MPa

13. Air consumption 1.0m3/min

14. Water consumption: 1000L /h

15. Overall dimensions2700×1720×2300mm

16. Weight of overall machine1200kg

 Working principle

 The rolled plastic sheet material (PVC or PVC/PE) is pressed positively to blow and make a statue to take shape, and enter into filling procedure automatically, stirred equally drug fluid is filled to nul nutshell automatically through high precise dosing pump, and is sheared into muti-strip iso-segment. Then it will become solid cork granulation through much time cryo-stereotypia which will realize conversion from fluid to solid. At last, it will be produced to end product suppository by mending form, sealing, beating batch number and shearing working procedure.

Technological Character:

1. Using PLC and industrial human-machine interface operation, convenience in adjustment , high degree of automation.

2. Be wide in suitability, can be used to fill high gluing degree gelatin group and the traditional Chinese medicine ware. and it can be suited to rolls of all kinds of materials, such as ALU/PEorPP/ALU/PEor PVCPVC/PEPVE/PVDC/PE

3. Adopting warm protection apparatus to guarantee the liquid not to become solid when the machine has stalled.

Adopts special temperature sensor and microcomputer control system, to achieve precision temperature control about mould.

4. Adopting motor drive with cam gear and combined air drive, forming 3 shell pills every time.

5. Using inset fillingaccurate in positionnon-dribbling drugnon-hanging wallhigh precise in counting.

6.Having big volume storing fluid vessel, laying homeothermia,stirring and fluid surface auto control assembly.

7.Continuous cooling technology for stero types,adopting out of the movement trajectory curve one end in and one end out..

8The seal part adopted three-stage preheating, pre-sealing well

9Continuous system with continuous seal,the cut pill number can be set up freely.