Liaoyang Brigh Shine Pharmaceutical Machinery

Name: BCM-8-channel capsule/tablet counting machine 

It is for tablet and capsule filling counting into bottle packing machine


Basic machine equipment: 

01. 8-channel counting machine with Microcomputer System provides high accuracy operation.

02. Equipped with Premium Infrared Sensor ( Made in Germany) to increase the infrared intensity automatically for 100% counting accuracy .

03. Capacity is up to 6500pcs per minute (Dia. 5mm Tablet) .

04. Suitable for counting any sizes and shapes of capsules, softgels, tablets, round pills and other solid materials without parts change over.

05. Maximum counting amount is up to 9,999 pcs per container.

06. Equipped with a buffer bucket to blockade the capsules/tablets fallings while containers are moving. This design allows the vibrating feeder continuous running.

07. Equipped with a perforated screen to trap dust or tablet chip by attaching a vacuum source.

08. The counter has three-stage vibrators to infeed tablets or capsules; vibrating frequency adjustable for quick and stable infeeding 

09. Bottles are positioned and changed by air cylinder to ensure accuracy positioning prior to filling to avoid spillage.

10. Button Control Type Screen shows the running condition as well as the self-detection system

11. 30 sets of parameter settings contribute to the production switch friendly and quickly.

12. Easy to dismantle with a minimum amount of parts for clean up.

13. No high-speed moving motion, thus no wearing parts.

14.All product contact parts are made of SUS 304 or SUS 316 

15.Accurate counting system, No bottle—No fill!

16. Meets CGMP requirement.

17. Compatible design allows for attaching a capping machine, a labeling machine and a cartoning machine to become a line-up production.

18. 1.5m in length conveyor with speed variator.

          19. Automatic rejection system rejects faulty products. 

Main technical data: 



Max. capacity

Max. 6500pcs/min for Dia. 5mm Tablet

Size of Capsule

#00-#5 Capsule

Size of Tablet

Max. Dia.23mm

Size of Bottle



AC220V , Single Phase, 50/60Hz



Air Consumption

0.05 M3/min

Hopper   Volume

30 ltrs

Overall Dimension



280kg (with conveyor)