Liaoyang bright shine pharmaceutical machinery imp&Exp co.,ltd

Name: BJI efficient pure water machine 

It is Save energy Under 1 NTU after by this pure water equipment treatment.



It is modern of pure water equipment collection from mixer, sediment, filter, adopts ripper board efficient reaction, collect mud channel of difference sediment ,double layer filter modern craft. Also has equipment oppose-washing by itself. You don’t need to equipment with oppose-washing pump, This machine don’t need mechanical.driving and use water pure completely, it is save, water source investment for 1/2 compare traditional water factory. Easy to operate,stable, reliable. Under 1 NTU after by this pure water equipment treatment. BJI pure water equipment suitable to river, stream,lake that as source of cover of ground in enterprise, troop, school to has separated water engineer at city, country. 

Also suitable to coal mine end water; industries cycle water;boiler dust-water . 

Product specification: 10 、 20 、 30 、 50 、 80T /h , we may make equipment according , to customer special requirements. 

Main Technical:

Original water muddy
≤ 1000mg/L ( also up to 2000mg/L)
Discharge water muddy
≤ 1mg/L
Working pressure
Total stay time
24 Min
Water flow speed
2.6 M 3 /h
Oppose-direction washing capacity
16~18L/M 2
Filter speed