Liaoyang Brigh Shine Pharmaceutical Machinery

Name: BZS-I type semi-automatic suppository filling-sealing subasembly 

 It can finish filling automatically, take a shape hypothermia, repair form, seal and shear mono plate.


this is semi-auto model suppository filling sealing machine. It can finish filling automatically, take a shape hypothermia, repair form, seal and shear mono plate.

Work principle:

Drug fluid dispensed is filled to storing fluid vessel which lay stirring assembly and homeothemia system and observing fluid surface assembly, and drug fluid is beaten to dosing pump through stirring pump, then, they will pass six filling-mouths. As well as filling, they will enter into hypothermia stereotypia part, and they will finish converse from fluid to solid, in the end they will be sealed, repaired form and sheared to become shape.

Technical characteristic:

1. Using special counting structure, high precise filling, accurate counting, non-dribbling drug, wear-resisting, it can be used to fill bigger gluing degree traditional Chinese medicine and gelatin group.

2. Using PLC written program control. High automatization degree, it can be used to produce various volumes and various forms suppository.

3. Matching stirring pump that is circulatory system continuously, this ensure that drug fluid don't coagulate when machine stop.

4. Using technique of heating to seal and repair form, suppository surface is smooth and glossy and equality in good order.

5. Possessing function of beating batch number.

Technical parameter: 


3000-6000 suppositories/h

Allowable Error of  granular weight

± 2%

Dosage per suppository  cell 

0.5-5g per suppository cell

Shape of suppository

Bullet form, torpedo form, duck-mouth form and other special form.

Shearing granulation   number of one plate 

1-10 granulations

Power voltage 

Three-phases AC 380V

Total power 


Air pressure 


Air consumption 


Overall dimensions 

4100× 1600× 2000mm(length× Width× Height)

Total weight