Liaoyang Brigh Shine Pharmaceutical Machinery

Name: ZBS-U automatic suppository filling sealing machine 

It will be produce suppository by mending form, sealing, beating batch number and shearing working procedure



This is a machine that has been developed for the production of suppositories in PVC, PVC+PE. Its working is completely automatic, pneumatically based, controlled by a programmable logic.

Principle of Operation Rolls of bits and pieces of plastic materials(PVC, PVC/PE)is formed with plastic-blowing methods above atmosphere pressure in suppository shell manufacturing machine, automatically enters embedment process.

Afeter the mixed medicinal liquid automatically embed into the empty shell through high precision measure pump it is cut into bars of equal length fragment. Through setting in low temperature for a certain time, liquid-solid transmation, it is charged into solid grain. Through process of plastic, seal, printing lot number and cutting, the finished product of suppository is made.

Technological Character:

1.Plugged embedment, accurate position, no drops of medicine, not covered on the bottle and high precision measure.

2.Wide applicability, gelatin medium and traditional Chinese medicine with extremely difficult can be imbedded.

3.PLC programmable control and industrial men-computer operation, high degree automation, easy adjustment, high precision temperature control, reliable work and smooth operation.

4.Large capacity of liquid reserve, constant temperature, automatic control of mixing and surface of liquid.

5.Low pesition of medicinal packing, low labor intensity. Heat preservation equipment of circulation liquid supply and pipe, guaranteeing the medicinal liquid not become solid not become sold when the machine stops.

6.Small area, easy operation.

Check sealing ways: Check weight or volume per suppository, Bullet Shape mould drawing is according to water proportion

Duck mouth mould drawing is according to water proportinal,Torpero Shape drawing is according to water proportical

 Technical Parameter: 


6000-10000 suppositories/h

Center Distance of   Bullet


Center Distance of Duck   Bill


Filling Volume


Allowable Error of   granular weightt 

± 2%

Volume of storing fluid   vessel 


Height of feeding 


Total Power




Air Consumption 


Water Consumption 


Total Weight


Overall Dimension 

3500*3000*2500mm 3490×   2900× 2000mm 

Shape of Suppository

Bullet form, torpedo   form, duck-mouth form and other special form

Adaptable cementin 

FA-glyceride FA-gelatin polyglycol