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Name: BYG2/1-50 eye-drop liquid Filling Capping Machine 

Application of round E-liquid bottle or similar ones, auto accomplish product filling (servo system), plug &cap place, cap screw-on.


General Features:

Eyedrop filling plugging and capping Monobloc, E-liquid filling, plugging & capping machine for the application of round E-liquid bottle or similar ones, auto accomplish product filling (servo system), plug &cap place, cap screw-on. The machine is composed by a conveyor, SS316 piston pump with servo driving system &fill nozzles, plug &cap sorter, Plug &cap placer, cap screw-on system. It is designed and made accordance to GMP regulation.

which is also applied to the production of similar plastic bottle packing 

Mature leading Edge technology,safe,reliable, trustworthy products

PLC Programmable control system, full range of automatic control operation

Advanced ceramic piston pump dispensing mechanism, easy and reliable disassembling, cleaning, disinfection and sterilization, pump is driven by stable mechanism rock arm or alternative peristaltic pump filling

Advanced plug vacuum pick and place unit, machine running stably capping unit adopt adjustable torque cluth, suitable to different kinds of cap

Integration of mechanism,electric penumatic with PLC control system, run safely and reliably, low failure rate, operation and maintenance costs low

Automatic overload protection, faulty condition will atuo stop machine, partial electrical faulty alarm displayed in the HMI

Linear action, not disordered laminar flow protection,effective sterile production

Reversed bottle rejected, no bottle auto shutdown machine protection, waiting for boot, no plug no cap intelligence,reject substandard products excluded, counting, and before and after the machine automatically interlock protection 

Technical Features:

Bottle used

5-30ml round/flat oval bottle

Production capacity


Filling nozzles


Plug placing head


Filing precision


Qualified plug placing


Qualified cap screwing


Speed control:

Frequency inverter adjustable

Compressed air required

0.4-0.6Mpa 25-35L/min

Total power

220V 50/60Hz 2.5kw

Net weight


Machine size mm

Length 2400, width 1250, height 1750

* Other sizes on request