Liaoyang Brigh Shine Pharmaceutical Machinery

Name: BPYG4/1 Spray filling and capping Monobloc 

It is used for spray fill light liquid and water like  



This machine is suitable for filling the liquid in slender cap spray can which is applied in the medicine and cosmetics industries. It performs the whole automatic process including filling, cap placing and cap screwing Special used for pump cap with long tube, with manipulator and guiding device to accurate positioning the pump cap. This machine conforms to the requirements of GMP.


● Adopt injection pump to fill high precision, large range of adjusting dosage.
● The pump system don't absorb the medicament, good chemical stability, be able to resist high temperature and erosion.
● Low level liquid receiver, convenient to clean.
● Filling system has the function of shrinking, no drop leak.
● Apply to fill various viscosity liquid.
● Special manipulator and guiding device are equipped on it to ensure the
spray cap reliably fitted on the opening of container.
● Filling needle is diving bottom of bottle to fill and moving up slowly, avoid bubbling.
● Filling and sealing are in one body of the machine, economical and low
space possessing.
● Magnetic moment capping system, adjust degree of tightness freely.
● The whole machine is designed according to requirements of GMP.

 Main Technical Parameter

● Option filling volume: below 500ml
● Filling precision:≤±2%
● Production capacity: 30-40 bottles/min
● Power supply: 220/380V
● Power consumption: 0.75 kW
● Weight: 650 kg
● Overall dimension(L x W x H):2440 x 780 x 1600 (mm)