Liaoyang bright shine pharmaceutical machinery imp&Exp co.,ltd

Name: BFYG Essential oil filling line 

It applied for bottle in-feeding, filling, cap placing, and screw capping, vacuum suck system 



This machine is suitable for needle-insert filling in the opening diameter of bottle less than 1.8mm.Pislon pump filling system to fill precise.This machine can auto finish bottle orienting,filling,cap adding,cap screwing and outfeeding,It is special design in vacuumizing to accumulate the rudimental oil attached outside surface of filling nozzle,acoid the oil. Overflowing onto the surface of bottle to hard label,Fully meet to the requirements of GMP.

Main Technical Parameter:

● Filling voLrme: 2 - 20 ml
● Filling error:≤±2%
● Production capacity:30-40 bottles/min(single head filling), 60-80 bottlesos/min(multi-heads filling)
● Yield of capping:≥99%
● Power source: 220V 50Hz
● Power output: 1Kw
● Weight: 500 kg
● Overall dimension:1800x850x1600(mm)