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Name:ZHYG Linear overflow filling machine

Applicable to pharmaceutical, food,agricul ture and other industries of the easily-bubble from liquid filling.  



ZHYG linear overflow filling machine, applicable to pharmaceutical, food, agricul ture and other industries of the easily-bubble from the liquid filling,the same as the liquid filling without bubble. This can be single used, also can be linked with other equipments,the best anti-foaming filling machine currently in domestic.


● The implementation of pump filling, overflow fillers to absorb foam & eliminate foam overllow & dripping.
● Adopt low liquid hopper,convenient to clean disinfection.
● Neck index clamp device, accurate positioning bottle mouth before nozzles go inte the bottles.
● Convenient to adjust volume, easy to operate,change different bottle in a short time.
● Machine desiagned and manufactured accordance to GMP regulation.  

Main Technical Parameter:

Option filling range:50-5000ml
Filling head:4,6,8,12,16
Filling precision:≤±2%
Request air pressure:≤0.6-0.7MPa
Air consumption:15m3/h
Power:220/380V 50Hz
Power output:≤2Kw
Machine noise:≤50dB
Net weight≤800Kg

Production capacity:

4 heads:≥30bpm
6 heads:≥45bpm
8 heads:≥60bpm
12 heads:≥80bpm
16 heads:≥100bpm