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Name: Blow Filling Sealing( BFS)sterile filling machine

It is for ampoule aseptic Sterile blowing filling sealing



Blow Filling SealingThree-in-one, BFSAseptic( sterile )filling machine used in pharmaceutical industry is an advanced technology in sterile packing preparation production, the produce of the product is complete the plastics bottle forming, filling and sealing in the controlled sterile environment, With unparalleled technical advantages. Due to technical standards continue to improve, and the development of three-in-one technology and equipment, making it an important and indispensable part of the preparation sterile filling. Equipped with four plastic preform extrusion, design and manufacture entirely in accordance with BFS technical requirementssuitable for clinical testing of new drugs. High added value and small output products, trial production or small output stability testing, early tests of market development.

10ml - 30ml(4 mould cavity), capacity is 2,400bottle/h(±3%)  1 head

10ml - 30ml(4 mould cavity), capacity is 4,800bottle/h(±3%)  1 head

10ml - 30ml(4 mould cavity), capacity is 8,000bottle/h(±3%)  4 heads