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 Name: ZSA-1  automatic suppository filling and sealing machine 

It is small batch making shell forming, filling, condensation and sealing and counting cutting for suppository.  


ZSA-1 laboratory suppository filling and sealing is suitable for small batch capacity of suppository producing practice to manufacture and develop.

The equipment is made of four parts:

1. Suppository belt machine

2. Suppository filling machine

3. Suppository condensation tunnel

4. Suppository sealing machine.

It can complete making shell, filling, cryo-stereo  and sealing. The machine is made of plc, hmi, because of its full-featured, small volume, low production, so it is used for research institutes and hospital preparations

Working routing and principle:

The rolled plastic sheet material (pvc or pvc/pe) preheatedsolder blow and make a statue to take shape shearing the lower side filling cryo-stereotypia preheatedsealing beating batch number shearing the upper side counting and shearing

Working principle:

The rolled plastic sheet material (pvc or pvc/pe) is pressed positively to blow and make a statue to take shape, and enter into filling procedure automatically, stirred equally drug fluid is filled to nul nutshell automatically through high precise dosing pump, and is sheared into multi-strip iso-segment. Then it will become solid cork granulation through much time cryo-stereotypia which will realize conversion from fluid to solid. At last, it will be produced to end product suppository by mending form, sealing, beating batch number and shearing working procedure.

Technical characteristic:

1. Using plc and hmi, easy to operate, high degree of automatization.

2. Using inset filling, accurate in position, non-dribbling drug, non-hanging wall.

3. Be wide in suitability, can be used to fill high gluing degree gelatin group and the traditional chinese medicine ware.

4. Barrel has a heated reservoir and blender.

Technical data:  


1000-2000 granulatirons/h

 Dosage per granulation


Filling error


 Suppository form

 bullet form, torpedo form

 Center distance


 Number of mould

 1 granulation

 Packing materical height

58mm , thickness 0.14mm+-0.01mm

 Volume of barrel


 Height of hopper






 Air pressure


 Air consumption